For over 25 years we have been installing, rebuilding, and baking on many different revolving ovens. Yes, baking as well...for over 40 years we have owned and operated over 50 bagel stores. I think we can call ourselves "Bagel Baking/Oven Experts!" And so much that no other company in the world can match! There is no other oven manufacturing company that can say they bake on their own ovens every day!

 Throughout our years of experience we confirmed that the best baking and most durable oven was the Cutler oven. The Cutler oven was formally the Middleby Marshal oven which was first built in 1898. Yes, 1898 and well over 100 years of oven manufacturing. In the late 80's, Middleby Marshal's Revolving Oven Division was purchased by Alan Cutler who obviously changed the name of the oven from Middleby Marshal to Cutler. Cutler was sold in 1995 to new owners. Late in 1998, the new owners of Cutler filed for bankruptcy.






Built to Last

Cutler ovens are built to last a lifetime and our standard features are other manufacturer’s optional features.

The precision and excellence of our ovens is achieved through a combination of advanced technologies and engineering in conjunction with our expert craftsmen that hand-build each and every oven.

The result is an oven that is built to last and one that will do the job efficiently year after year. The quality of design and features like I-Beam Construction, Ferris Wheel design, Accurate Leveling, Precise Ventilation System, state of the art Electronics and quality Insulation – are just a few of our standard features which makes a huge difference in the overall performance of our ovens.

Our standard controls make our oven so easy to operate that extensive training for your employees is not required.