Installing Air Conditioning Into Your Tiny Home: Four Ideas

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Installing Air Conditioning Into Your Tiny Home: Four Ideas

29 July 2016
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If you're building a tiny home, you may want to consider how you are going to keep it cool. Luckily, there are a range of options. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Ductless Unit

A ductless AC unit works for extensions on your home or rooms where you want to create a separate cooling zone. However, they can also work well with a tiny home. You will need an installer to put in the ductless unit, so before buying anything, make sure the installer is willing to install a unit you have purchased on your own -- some installers prefer to only install ductless AC units you have purchased from them.

These units can be discreetly placed into a wall, and if you put them above eye level, they aren't likely to be noticeable inside your tiny home. However, they stick out the side of the wall, and if you transport your tiny home on a trailer, you need to be sure that the ductless unit doesn't increase the tiny home's side profile in a way that's unwieldy for driving. In most cases, however, the size should not be a problem.

2. Caravan AC Unit

If you don't like the side profile of a ductless unit, consider putting in an air conditioner designed for use with a caravan on your tiny house. As these units are designed to heat a caravan, they are usually perfectly scaled to a tiny home as well. They fit easily on the roof of your tiny home. If you have a loft, place the AC unit so that it's over the main part of the home rather than blowing straight into the loft. The icy air may be too cold if you're sleeping really close to it in your loft.

3. Compact AC Unit

The benefits of using a compact AC unit is that you don't have to worry about installation. You simply plug in the air conditioner, and it cools your space. However, in spite of their names, compact units take up some space. In a home, you could easily pop the unit into a closet when you are not using it, but in a tiny home where space is at a premium, you may not want to use a portable, compact AC unless you have somewhere to store it during the off season.

4. Ice Box AC Unit

If you use a cooler instead of a fridge in your tiny home, then, you may want to consider an AC unit that fits on the top of your cooler. These units draw cool air from the ice in your cooler, and release it into your tiny home. It's a fun way to combine the functioning of two items, ideal for a tiny home where space is limited.

Regardless of which air conditioner unit you choose, make sure that you support it by insulating your tiny house well. Also, consider investing in a fan to help the cool air circulate through your home.