Does Your Washing Machine Require Appliance Services?

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Does Your Washing Machine Require Appliance Services?

27 November 2018
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When was the last time you hand-washed your clothes? Chances are you probably have never had to do your laundry manually because washing machines are a staple for every household. Nevertheless, washing machines also happen to be one of the most neglected appliances as long as they are working. What you may not realise is that overlooking maintenance schedules and minor repairs are what make the washing a machine a ticking time bomb for malfunction. And the moment your washing machine is on the fritz, laundry becomes incredibly hectic for your household. The trick to not leaving room for your washing machine to break down is to discern subtle signs of impending trouble. This article lists a few of the indicators that your washing machine requires appliance services.

Diminishing water levels

A mistake homeowners make when water levels start receding is assuming that it will fix itself on its own. And since at the onset it is a subtle change in the level, few homeowners become alarmed and call on a technician. When the water level is not filling to maximum, it is usually indicative of a blockage in the valve. However, diminishing water levels could also be a sign that one of the hoses has ruptured, and if this is not remedied, it can cause substantial water damage. While your own water supply could be the problem with low levels of water, it is still important to have your washing machine serviced immediately.

Improper drainage

Once your washing machine completes a spin cycle, it should be capable of draining all the water out. If you are taking your laundry out of the appliance and you notice that there is water present in the washing machine's basket, it should warn you of potential clogging in the pump. You have the option of taking out the pump and cleaning it. However, if you do this and find that the problem is not solved, it is crucial to seek professional appliance services. In some cases, the pump may be damaged beyond repair, and your washing machine could need a new one.

Puddling or flooding

Granted, washing machines have a propensity for overflowing, and this will create puddles under the appliance. But if you can rule out overflowing and still notice the water is pooling under the washing machine or, worse yet, flooding the room that it is located in, you should be worried about degraded hoses. Damaged hoses should be addressed immediately because they pose the risk of extensive water damage as well as exorbitant utility costs.