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Want to learn more about repairing appliances? If you have answered yes, I invite you to explore my blog. Hi! My name is Annie, and I love working with my hands. As a kid, I always took things apart and of course, got in trouble for it. Now, however, those experiences have endowed me with the skills and knowledge I need to work on almost anything, from a broken toaster cord, to a sink disposal that needs new blades, to a broken down washing machine. I would love to share some knowledge and tips with you so that you start to repair your own appliances. Thank you for reading!

How to Troubleshoot These Common Freezer Problems

13 June 2016
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Whether you have a stand-alone freezer or a refrigerator and freezer appliance, you might occasionally deal with issues like leaks or a buildup of frost. This can decrease its efficiency, often leading to food spoilage. Here are some tips for troubleshooting common problems so you can decide whether or not you need to call a repair technician. Buildup of Frost Most modern freezers have automatic defrosting features, so you should no longer need to go at the walls of the appliance with an ice pick to break it up. Read More …

Replacing A Broken Auto Antenna

25 August 2015
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It can be quite easy to damage or break the radio antenna on a vehicle. If the vehicle is taken through a car wash and the antenna has been left fully extended, it can snap. The antenna can also become damaged due to rust and corrosion; when you go to extend it, it doesn't work and sticks in place. Having no antenna means that the auto will not receive a radio signal. Read More …