How to Troubleshoot These Common Freezer Problems

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How to Troubleshoot These Common Freezer Problems

13 June 2016
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Whether you have a stand-alone freezer or a refrigerator and freezer appliance, you might occasionally deal with issues like leaks or a buildup of frost. This can decrease its efficiency, often leading to food spoilage. Here are some tips for troubleshooting common problems so you can decide whether or not you need to call a repair technician.

Buildup of Frost

Most modern freezers have automatic defrosting features, so you should no longer need to go at the walls of the appliance with an ice pick to break it up. However, there are some instances where frost buildup occurs due to issues with the freezer. If you notice a buildup of frost that seems to worsen over time, it might be due to the defroster not working properly or perhaps a sensor that needs to be replaced. You should also check the thermostat in the freezer to make sure it is set to the right temperature. In many cases, frost is something you need a professional technician to tackle.

Lack of Proper Freezing

This is another issue you may have in your freezer, which can take a while before you figure out. Make sure if you feel that your freezer isn't getting cold enough, you remove food that might be spoiled. If meat was stuck in a freezer that isn't cold enough, it should be disposed of for safety measures. After you empty the freezer of spoiled food, first check the defrost timer, followed by the thermostat. It is possible that the thermostat temperature was accidentally adjusted by bumping it when storing items in the appliance. Also take a look at the wiring after unplugging the freezer to find out if there are cracks or bends in the wires. This could be another reason it isn't freezing properly.

Loud and Constantly Running

When a freezer is making a lot of noise, it is often from the appliance constantly running. This is not necessary to keep food cold, so if you think it keeps running without ever taking a break, it might be due to a few different issues. First of all, check the sensor and thermostat first, as these contribute to most freezer problems. If you can't find an issue with them, next check that the freezer is level. If you were moving around items in the garage and the freezer got pushed over, it might accidentally be on top of something, keeping it from being level. This can cause it to run continuously. Checking the seal on the door is another good way to determine the cause of it running consistently.


If you notice a leak coming out of your freezer due to water pooled around it, you need to get it fixed right away. This can lead to damage and mould of the ground where the leak is occurring, not to mention damage to the appliance. First check to see if there is water stuck in the drain as it might be frozen and unable to move. This can lead to improper drainage, which ultimately causes a leak elsewhere. If the drain is clear, call a technician to figure out what the problem is.