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Want to learn more about repairing appliances? If you have answered yes, I invite you to explore my blog. Hi! My name is Annie, and I love working with my hands. As a kid, I always took things apart and of course, got in trouble for it. Now, however, those experiences have endowed me with the skills and knowledge I need to work on almost anything, from a broken toaster cord, to a sink disposal that needs new blades, to a broken down washing machine. I would love to share some knowledge and tips with you so that you start to repair your own appliances. Thank you for reading!

Replacing A Broken Auto Antenna

25 August 2015
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It can be quite easy to damage or break the radio antenna on a vehicle. If the vehicle is taken through a car wash and the antenna has been left fully extended, it can snap. The antenna can also become damaged due to rust and corrosion; when you go to extend it, it doesn't work and sticks in place. Having no antenna means that the auto will not receive a radio signal. Read More …